Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We thought this was funny...

This is a very short video but we found it to be pretty funny! Cason got a remote control car for Christmas and it took him a while to learn to press the buttons. He finally fugured it out and he had a hilarious laugh every time he got the car to move. I decided to start recording him but ended up catching something else funny in the process. Just watch...

oh how my children make me laugh!
This video is another short one of his crazy laugh...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Chris and I went to the UA vs. AU game along with our friends Matt and Connie, and Matt and Roxanne. We had a blast! Well... Matt and Connie are Auburn fans so aside from the loss they had a good time (they already knew what was coming anyway). It took us four hours to get their and park because traffic was backed 45 miles outside of Tuscaloosa ( I guess we should have taken 82). We did luck out with our parking space though so it made up for the time lost. This was my third game and I have never seen so many people before. The stadium was full of energy and the roar of the crowd was amazing. I told Chris at the start of the game that Auburn would not score and I was right. It was such a great game and I would sit in traffic all over again to watch it in person.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My day...

I am exhausted. I woke up at 4:45 this morning to make it to the gym at five for the first time this week. My goal is to go three times a week but that has not been going to well. After getting home from the gym I took a shower and enjoyed a cup of coffee in a nice quite house which is not the norm. I enjoy the peace and quite so maybe I should use that as my motivation to go to the gym. Time flew by way to fast and it was officially time to wake up all the sleepy heads including my husband who is also unmotivated to get up and go to the gym. I got Tatum ready for school, packed her lunch and made her rush to do her little homework sheet that we of course put off to the last minute.
It was then time to wake up the little MONSTERS! Going in their room is always fun because you never know what silly thing they might be doing. Lets see, what are some of their favorite things to do..... Well, Cason LOVES to throw his mattress out of his crib (don't ask, I don't know how he manages it) and Raileigh is now in the process of shredding her second mattress to peices (again, don't ask). On days Raileigh has done no wrong she instantly starts yelling NO NO for me to look and see what crazy thing Cason has done. What silly children I have. Anyways, so I woke up my monsters, I mean angels and got them changed and ready for the day. When I say changed I mean diapers, not clothes because in this house if we aren't going anywhere we stay in our P.J's to reduce the amount of laundry that I hate to do. Laura arrived with Harper and Lily and I loaded up the car and off we went to drop Tatum off at school. Thank goodness for carline!!! I had 5 kids in my car, 5!!!
When we arrived back at home it was time for the girls 10 o'clock feeding and Cason decided since I had both hands tied up that he would do as he pleased. He stood on my coffee table, which is a no,no and proceeded to throw toys and give me dirty angry looks as he did it. Harper finished her bottle before Lily and Cason quickly took notice to the fact that I was almost done and came and hugged and kissed my legs and babbled in his sweet little voice that he knows I love. What was I to do? That boy makes me crazy but I sure do love him LOTS! Nothing really eventfull took place between then and naptime except lunch which usually consists of Cason and Raileigh feeding half their lunch to the dog and begging for cookies.
During naptime I made myself fold laundry and got to spend a little time with my husband on his lunch break. Harper slept like a rock and Lily was a little fussy and just wanted some extra attention so needless to say she got her attention. She is just so precious I couldn't resist. Laura came and picked them up at the end of nap and then I woke my sleeping angels.
I finally put real clothes on my crew and got myself ready and it was time to head to church. I work in Awana's with Tatum's age group and it is very loud and full of 3 and 4 year old energy. I got home from church at about 8:30 pulled out P.J's for the kids and handed the responsibility over to Daddy because I was drained. I relaxed a little, enjoyed some hot chocolate and it is now 11:00 and I am soooo tired and still not in bed. I guess I won't be going to the gym in the morning which leaves Friday so that will only make to trips this week, so I have yet again not reached my goal. Oh well, maybe next week. Goodnight!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just Updates!

So, finally I got this thing figured out!

It's been a while since I have done a blog so here goes...

Tatum has been enjoying K-4 and dance so far this year. She is learning so much it is amazing. She can spell most of her colors and she really enjoys writing. She also likes math, mostly simple addition. She definately takes after Daddy when it comes to school work. Next year she will be off to kindergarten learning bigger and better things. Time really does go by way to fast.

Cason are Raileigh are doing great! They are pushing 19 months, wow! that is really close to two!!! At there 18 month check up everything looked great. They are growing good and as usual Cason was a little heavier and taller than Raileigh. When it came to getting their shots Cason handled it like a champ and Raileigh screamed before she was even touched by the nurse. They are both learing to say more and more. Raileigh is a mocking bird and Cason is the strong silent type so it takes a little more effort to get things out of him.

Chris is doing very well and enjoying every second of this great football season Alabama is having "Roll Tide". Tatum is also becoming a diehard Alabama Fan. Sometimes it is cute and other times there is need for concern. Yesterday she refused to sit in Cason's chair because it is blue and "blue is and Auburn color" she said. She also thanks God almost every night for making her and Alabama fan because "Auburn is a bad place".

Now onto myself! I am doing great!!! The only really new thing going on is that I have started keeping another set of twins, Harper and Lily, for a friend as she goes back to work. They are right at 5 months old and absolutey precious, sweet, wonderful girls and I couldn't have asked for two better babies to keep.
Working on Getting this started!